Harold’s 2020 Faves Pt 1

The first of two mixes rounding up some of my favourite releases of 2020. This one’s aimed directly at some kind of mythical, imagined dance floor...

Harold's House mix May 2020

Harold’s House May 20

Trudge-funk, downtempo shufflers, languid deep groovers and Balearic incantations to turn your frizzown upside-dizzity.

Supa Heavy Vibrations

Supa Heavy Vibrations mix

An hour and a half of hazy psychedelic soul instrumentals, Balearic beatnik beats, wah-wah & Moog fetish funk; all recent releases except maybe one or two crusty re-edits!

107 & Under

Slo motion dancing and deep dance floor trudging with vibes from Nu Guinea, Magic In Threes, Art of Tones, Ron Basejam, Session Victim and more.

Harold’s House April 2020

Some disco, some house, some tech, all good.

Harold’s Best of 2019 So Far

From down tempo disco sluggers to out and out future space bangers and all points in between - the best of the first half of 2019