Long Relationships

Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ to Small-time DJ is a biographical account of a DJ career defined by a deep love of music and a shallow amount of success.

Harolds Faves of
2020 Part 1

The first of two mixes of some of my fave tunes of 2020, kicking off with this collection of house, from deep, potent jazzers to full on bangers, featuring music from Boof, Lay-Far, Contours & Yadava, Hot Toddy, Theus Mago, Lovebreak, Mildlife, Cinthie, Clive From Accounts, Bruise and more. Part II coming soon.

Blog Post: UNDER

I wrote this several years ago for my old blog and it remains one of my most read pieces despite me never promoting it in any way: Ten of the very best things about the early 90s rave scene ?

Blog Post: What's
That Machine And What Does It Do?!

A brief introduction to my life with a Tri-Wave Pico Generator